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About us?

OG.nl is a real estate agency with hundreds of objects for rent all through the Netherlands. Our portfolio consists of: offices, office buildings, shops, and catering venues. We are also represented in (exclusive) homes and apartments.

The tenants of OG.nl are diverse. Ranging from international organizations, MKB, various non-profit institutions and private owners.

What we do?

We manage the assets, especially real estate for our clients. Our clients are private owners, investors, companies and institutions. Depending on the needs of our clients we provide them with:

  • Administration management
  • Commercial management
  • Technical management
  • Legal advise
  • Financial advise
  • Acquisitions
  • Investment in real estate (sale and leaseback)

In addition, OG.nl specializes in buying and selling investment properties throughout the Netherlands. We ask different investment properties for sale such as:

  • Homes
  • Shops and business premises
  • Office buildings
  • Garages
  • Parking spaces
  • Warehouses and (construstion) sheds
  • Workshops 
  • (Re)development sites
  • (Building) plots 
  • Demolition properties
  • Apartment buildings
  • Private companies with real estate

You may always call or contact us through the answering form.

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